One for the Environment

It is common knowledge that all businesses need to make an effort to reduce their environmental impact. I do believe that every little helps and therefore we have implemented a few changes at Portnellan to help make us all aware and help.

Compost Bins and Recycling Facilities

Each property at Portnellan is provided with a small grey container for all your vegetable peelings and any other biodegradeable waste. Scattered around the estate are larger composting bins that we encourage you to use. These are clearly identified and we would ask you to give them a turn each time you dispose of your biodegradeable waste.

Electricity Monitors

It is no secret that the cost of power is for ever increasing. We do offer the first £10.00 of electricity free of charge for every stay. We have also installed electricity monitors in all properties as so you can consciously monitor excatly how much power you are actually consuming.

Tree Planting

Become a friend of Portnellan by adopting a tree. We can organise having a tree planted with or without a plaque. We can supply you a list of indigenous trees to choose from and once you have visited Portnellan you can request where you wish it planted. A fantastic opportunity to have a tree for lifetime. Be it for a special occasion, in memory or to contribute to the ecology of Portnellan your tree will be looked after throughout its life. As Portnellan’s continual contribution to the environment we will match a further tree for every one planted.   

One for the Environment

Portnellan’s Refurbishment Programme

Over the forth coming Winter months we intend to undergo interior refurbishment to the original 4 star lodges at Portnellan. This Winter we completed 2 lodges, Osprey and Buzzard and they look fantastic with new interior walls, lighting and a complete redecoration. Osprey has benefited from Harris Tweed curtains, scatter cushions, bed head boards all provided by local soft furnishings producer Catriona MacGeoch of Sula Furnishings. Bedroom carpets and an entertainment system to include LCD TV and Ipod docking station. Any appliances that have been replaced are Energy ‘A’ rated and all lighting installed is low energy LED. These lamps use little power and are operational for up to 35,000 hours, so we will not be changing a light bulb anytime soon.

Only Energy ‘A’

Although we are not disposing and replacing any functional white goods or other electrical items for the sake of it, just so we can claim to be all Energy A rated, anything that does eventually become uneconomical to repair is being replaced only with Energy ‘A’ rated appliances.


This is a very important aspect of Portnellan and personally a subject matter that is very close to my heart. Having been blessed to have been brought up within this magnificent countryside it is important that all efforts are made to help maintain what we have. Afterall, I have a son to think about now.

Portnellan has a number of bat boxes scattered around the estate to help preserve the ‘bat life’ we have in the countryside. Now, don’t worry. They will never come near you. Their sonar senses are far too clever.

We have installed a number of bird feeders around the lodges and we sell nuts and fat balls in the visitors centre. We encourage you to feed the birds all year round especially in the Winter. The birds are quite amazing in how they immediately find nuts in a bird feeder. Some examples you will regularly see are Blue Tits, Grey Tits, Chaffinches, Goldcrests, Bullfinchs, Woodpeckers, Wrens, Jays, Kestrel, Buzzard and many many more.